Job Vacancies in Qatar

Qatar is the country which serves the best example of fusion of culture and modernism. The small country in the gulf is rich in gas and oil and fields and since the exploration of these resources, country has come along way. The, lifestyle in Qatar is no less than any developed country’s lifestyle and it is continuously changing for the better.Qatar has become the hub of Gulf States and infrastructure development and oil exploration require professionals from every field to work in the industries, and the good news is that the industries are growing per day.

Budding industries will boost the job opportunities for Qataris as well as foreigners who live there. Ever since the exploration of oil and gas fields in the country, this country has become one of the richest Gulf States in the Arab world.Ever since the exploration of oil and gas fields in the country, this country has become one of the richest Gulf States in the Arab world. The country and its people had developed itself from being a poor pearl fishing country to the most strategic and important part of the world. This is best substantiated with the fact that the FIFA world cup is going to take place in Qatar in 2022. The country has managed to win the bid which many fail to do so. The land of Qatar is covered by sand dunes and salt flats. Country’s capital Doha is rich city that is a mixture of traditional Arab culture and modern lifestyle. The city houses people from different cultures such as Indian, Pakistanis and Iranians..

Jobs in Qatar Doha Doha has many historical and strategic places which mange to attract tourists and invite business men from around the world to invest in the country. Qatar offers great business and employment opportunities for people. Apart from this, hundred of tourists throng the country because it has some magnificent buildings such as the Grand Mosque and Abu Bakr-al-Siddiq mosque. Northern part of the place has rich historic sites such as Umm Salal Mohammad, which is a large village conquered in 19th century.

Every old place has some interesting history attached to it and every modern building tells about the development that had taken place in the country over the past years.Another splendid place to visit in the country is Al-Khor which is the second largest city located along the shallow harbors. The west coast of the harbor comprises of fine beaches at Umm Bab (The Palm Tree Beach), Salwah and Dukhan near the Saudi border. The South region includes beaches and sand dunes, and provides enormous opportunities to practice pearl hunting and play water sports. Qatar has always managed to attract tourist from around the world. And this attraction is not only contributed by the hospitable nature of its citizens but also the splendid architecture of hotels and museums, ancient rock carvings and towering sand dunes.Since Qatar is situated at gulf areas, summers are fierce and the sandstorms engulf the city during winters. Thus the best time to visit Qatar Doha is from November to early march. During this period, weather stays mild and pleasant; evenings becoming chilly and some of odd days becoming rainy. You can get reservations at Qatar hotels which offer top quality service, competitive to any four star hotel in west

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